(001)Water melon Monster @ Hackney Wick car park ,August 2010

(002)Detail of ...

(003)Graffiti buffer, Hackney Wick May'10

(004)Coconut Boys inside Wallis Rd Studios, work in progress Hackney May 2010..

(005)Detail finished...

(006)Good Inwards ,SouthWark Street wall painting by run in abandoned building... photo by Joeppo, May 2010

(007) Dalston Lane, Double Dudes, November 2009

(008)Hackney Rd October 2009, image courtesy of Dave, Nolionsinengland

(009) Hackney Downs Station (existed for 2 weeks...), click the image to zoom. May 2009

(010)Dalston roof top at "le Morgue" May 2009

(011)Wall painting in concrete street frame ,Clapton Passage east London September 2008...

(012) Brick Lane faces ,October 2008

(013)Kingsland Road Dalston, Green hands by Run. Click the image... March 2009

(014)Thottenham big white head ,wall painting, click the image to zoom in... September 2009

(015)"Faces" Finsbury Park, street painting by Run, London July 2008

(016) :) Run wall paintings 2010/2009/2008 London UK