(001)Lots of walls in London are begging to be painted... Every day loads of walls in London should be painted! This is my opinion, of course because I make murals. If you ask people around what they think about having their walls painted, I am sure more than half the population (the happy half), will agree with me. This piece is in Clapton Linscott Rd Hackney. April '11

(002)For some reason some paintings stay untouched for years, while others live a short life. This painting lasted only a week before somebody painted over it in white.. nowit is all clean and neat! Go and check for yourself the empty wall at the bottom of Ridley rd Market Dalston. March '11

(003)Clapton passage Hackney ...with Gabriel Dubois.We had to arrange this several times before we actually made it happen :) March'11

(004)Left side

(005)Right side

(006)At the Foundry in Old Street ...(piece above by Milo Tchais) ...read

(007)It was the royal wedding day, there was nobody around in the street at 1 o'clock in the P.M. . Who stole the China man faces? The metal boards disappeared 20 days later...was it the council that did it, or was it a present for the bride ? Dalston Lane April'11

(008)Robot-Crome at the paint yard hall of fame (R.I.P.).Hackney Wick, May'11

(009)Hall of fame in Hackney Wick with NEMO and others...April'11

(010)Some walls in the hall of fame in Hackney Wick are still up... hand with a big tattoo by Twesh Sept'11

(011)A doorkeeper ...

(012)Sky painting in Dalston, check /Solar Roof #2/ for the remake .Thanks to Unusual Image for photos and support .May'11

(013)Public art in the street gives identity to places and makes people conscious, washing away ignorance and anger...politicians and rulers knowthis already …This is the beginning of an appeal: support any kind of creativity on the street ,stay free from art galleries as long as you can and reclaim art in the place where you live.