(001)Monumental Art festival is in Gdansk, Poland, in the district of Zaspa.You can walk along and watch lots of murals on most of the blind facade of the buildings in the area.

(002)I have shared this amazing trip and many littres of paint with some really good friends!

(003)This is the wall .

(004)That little orange dot is EKTA watching his wall, just in front of mine. Lots of time spent climbing up and down the stairs, for checking from enough distance away, to see what we were actually drawing.

(005)2 days later I was still sketching...

(006)After 5 days and lots of buckets of paint this is what the wall looked like.

(007)Here I am down the bottom climbing up, probably because I forgot something at the top.

(008)Last touch at the bottom of the windy god. I had such good people help me finishing up.

(009) Check this video I did the morning when the festival open…Blues by Alan Lomax ,Blues Songbook.


(011) Everything is nowready for our opening of the festival.This is the final piece. You can watch a short documentary about Monumental art Festival here

(012)Thanks to all my people in Zaspa, Gdansk : Dem, EKTA, Prozak , Joanna Skiba, 2501, the boys of Wall-Riders(SE) and ZIBBI. Thanks to all the "MonumentalArt" massive and Artur Trzcinski for some of the photos...It has been an amazing journey ! July '11