(001) This page contains a selection of paintings that I have done from the beginning of 2000 until few year later 2007 circa . When "street art" it wasn't that popular, me and others mates used to paint and experiment art on the street's walls in our own way… Places and date are a bit messed up here, more then an archive of the past this is like a little journey trough the evolution of my paintings…Above picture "trashed van at Ludoteka" Ancona Italy1999...

(002) Florence 2001

(003) With Blu, at Electro+, Florence 2003 >Click the image to zoom

(004) With Dem, at Strike, Rome 2005 >Click to zoom

(005) "Never forget your roots" Salento, south Italy 2005

(006) … >Click to zoom

(007) Street attitude,Bolzano Italy 2004 >Click to zoom

(008) With Dem, Fra32 and Aris, Florence 2004

(009) With Dem, Tourin 2006

(010) work in progress, Florence 2006

(011) Piazza del mercato Scandicci Florence 2006 >Click to zoom

(012) "Fasci okkio al cranio…" Italy 2005 >Click to zoom

(013) With Moneyless, Florence 2007>Click to zoom

(014) … >Click to zoom

(015) "Next Emerson" Florence 2007 >Click to zoom

(016) …

(017) With Moneyless, Kurz, Marvin Crushler, Allegra Corbo, Arezzo Italy 2007 >Click to zoom